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BoostBlitz 2.0

Simple and Secure

Why change a platform that has been successful?  Software can always be better.  So, we listened and are proud to announce our 2.0 release on August 1st.

The Challenge

The initial version of BoostBlitz was amazing.   We listened to students, parents, and donors and needed to simplify the process and further respect data privacy.

The Solution

We no longer store participants potential donor information and greatly simplified how potential donors are notified to make a donation.

Mobile Optimized

Participants and donors primarily use mobile devices to interact.

Your Data

Donor information belongs to the booster.  Use it to keep donors up to data and grow the base of potential future donors!


Booster organizations can track participant participation without a heavy data collection burden.


Interacting with Donors

Participants directly interacting with potential donors raises more money! 

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